TPV's (thermoplastic vulcanizates) have steadily gained popularity in many industrial sectors. It matches or outperforms traditional (thermoset) rubber in many applications, while offering many features unavailable for parts made out of traditional rubber. At the same time, TPV is superior in most ways to thermoplastics, especially PVC. (Click here to learn more) Listed below are a few more features to consider when choosing between traditional rubber, PVC, and TPV extrusions.

TPVs Offer:

  • Ultra low-density water foamed
  • Colorable
  • Medical and FDA Grades
  • Flame Retardant Grades
  • Chemical, Heat, Oil and Moisture resistant
  • Excellent Sealing Properties
  • Excellent Weather and Shock Protection
  • Design Flexibility


  • Tight Tolerances
  • Superior Aging Characteristics
  • Non-Marring
  • Non-Tacky, Non-Slip
  • Silky Soft Touch Feel
  • Excellent Long-term Compression Stress Relaxation Performance
  • Excellent Flex Fatigue Characteristics