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A Collaborative Culture

At the core of our company philosophy is our belief that consistent results come from paying great attention to detail.

In order to achieve the high standard we set for ourselves, we rely on an enthusiastic collaborative culture.

Through morning huddles, employee initiatives, improvement teams with company-wide participation, and open communication, we strive to create an environment ripe for collective creativity and innovation. This culture has resulted in two Rubber & Plastics News’ Best Places to Work awards, along with many employee-driven initiatives responsible for reducing scrap, enhancing company safety, simplifying processes, and improving quality. All of these benefits contribute to a better experience for our customers.

We value the whole as being greater than the sum of its parts. This also applies to the relationship we have with our customers. Our process emphasizes asking the right questions and collaborative problem solving. We believe this approach is the reason behind our success in creating high customer satisfaction.

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