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At Reed Rubber Products, we know that our customers often require more than just a simple extruded profile. Over the years we have listened to our customers and adjusted our abilities to meet their needs. Here are a few of the value added services we are currently doing for some of our customers to help them improve their productivity and cut costs.

Co-Extrusions and Tri-Extrusion

We can extrude two or three materials or colors through the same die to make a single profile. For example, your part design might include both a flexible seal and a slide-in retention device. Or your design might require a thin layer of specialty grade material to provide FDA or UV protection, but specifies an inexpensive resin for the bulk of the profile. Co- and Tri-extrusion open up lots of opportunities for customization.


We use extreme heat bonding for a stronger seal than an adhesive could provide. Splices may be for assemblies that are spliced endless, or mitered frame gaskets. Every spliced product is hand-inspected and has minimal flash.


We offer hole punching and notching for applications that can be improved with custom fabrication. We use rotary die-cutting to process individual parts in-line. For some parts, installation can be made easier by notching positioning aids and mounting holds.


We can produce your part with a slick, abrasion-resistant coating that allows for low-friction application. Slip coats are especially important for dynamic seals.


We recycle nearly 100% of our material. Not only is this earth-friendly, it also greatly reduces the costs of die balances and production.

High Bond Tape Applications

We apply 3M heat-activated tapes to products that need high bond adhesives. This also provides for simple and quick installation without the need for fasteners.

Shipping and Packaging

We offer a variety of custom packaging choices, including assembly kits, bags, irregular box sizes, anonymous packaging, custom labels, and more. In addition to our consistent and efficient shipping record, we also provide for flexible scheduling. Expedite options are often available.


All our resins are thoroughly dried in order to prevent porosity in the part. We will customize a resin blend that fine tunes the physical properties, elasticity, and durometer that your application requires. Specify a color for your part and we will match it. UV stable colors and FDA grade blends are available.

Quality Control

Reed Rubber Products is an ISO 9000:2015 certified company. Our melt pumps provide consistent dimensional accuracy. We use a statistical process control to track dimensions in real time under 150x optical measurement. Parts must meet high standards before they leave our doors.

In-Line Cutting

Profiles are cut in-line, dramatically decreasing the run time and cost disadvantages of post-process cutting. 


We can reduce the density of the part using water and chemical foaming techniques.

Collaborative Product Realization

Our process to develop a profile that meets all of your design and performance requirements is efficient, thorough, and collaborative. We use state-of-art collaboration and workflow tools to ensure that we get the best outcome quickly and every time.

Laser Engraving

We offer in line laser engraving so you can further distinguish your part with text or a custom logo.

Custom Extrusion?

Work with our expert team to produce your unique part.

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