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Reed Rubber Company opened its doors in 1922 in downtown St. Louis as a small retailer, supplying construction crews along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers with rubber boots, hose, and slickers.

In the following decades, Reed began making its own gaskets. It expanded into producing window glazing and accessory products. By 1985, Reed was extruding thermoplastic vulcanizates  (TPV) under the name of Reed Rubber Products. As demand grew, new lines were added and the company relocated to its current location in May 2008

Reed Rubber Products primarily offers profile extrusions, co-extrusions, and tri-extrusions. Post-extrusion capabilities include punching bolt holes, adding mounting tape, printing, cutting to length, slipcoating, and splicing, either endless or mitered for frame assemblies. We also continue to make glazing accessories, such as setting blocks and glazing tape.

After  almost 100 years serving the industry, Reed is still owned and operated by the Reed family.

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Clark A. Reed

Reed Rubber Company building in 1922

Reed Rubber Company opened its doors as a distributor of hose, boots, and gloves.

Reed Rubber Company building in 1960

Reed began producing hose assemblies and die-cut parts.

Aerial view of Reed Rubber Products facility in 1985

Reed Rubber Products incorporated to extrude thermoplastic rubber profiles, but still is operated jointly with Reed Rubber Company.

Reed Rubber Products building in 2008

Reed Rubber Products separates from Reed Rubber Company and focuses exclusively on rubber extrusions.

Exterior shot of Reed Rubber Products grounds in 2020

Reed sets new sales records, initiates employee-led teams, wins Rubber & Plastic’s Best Place to Work award.


Reed Rubber historical image - original factory building in black and white photo from 1920s

Boots and Hose: Reed Rubber Celebrates 95 Year Anniversary; Continues to Grow Despite Shorter Company Lifespans

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